1934 Ford pickup

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joe kidd

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Finishing the painting up on 34 ford pickup. First time painter

I am not an Arrma owner but i hoping too. I do have an torment stock lots of fun

maybe some tips for my next paint job or comments about this paint job. When I trimmed glue out some stuck to body went ahead and painted it is that gonna pose a problem.



Done a little more work on the 34 Ford peeled widow stickers was gonna paint black but looks so good I think I might just leave them clear. Also put on grill sticker. Still got to cut holes for pull crank and ignorir and I believe it will be ready to be drove around real slowly haha lol!


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Just finished the 34 Ford got holes cut and peeled coating I'm ready for bashin
@joe kidd, I'm only 6months into hobby grade rc's, so please forgive this question. What is sticking out of the bed of your 34 ford?
I guess could have told but this rc has nitro engine. Next to cab is ignitor and in middle is pull crank
Do you prefer, nitro over electric rc's? I've seen the fuel online, $$$$$. Do you have to work three jobs, in order to keep fuel? :)
Your 34, looks awesome! Good job!
Actually I like my nitro but I believe I love my electric.fuel is bit pricey but me and friend by it by the gallon and split it so we end up with 2quarts a piece for about 7bucks each quart still kinda high but not to bad. Electric though just charge and go awesome! If you have nitro you better know how to work on them vibrate apart and had to upgrade to all aluminum parts plastic couldn't handle the speed love those monster stickers on that flat black
Yah, electric is pretty much plug in play. I've watched rc's on nitro videos, seem pretty fast and loud. (fast-n-loud gas monkey garage show) :D And expensive to maintain as well. Don't get me wrong tho, the whole rc hobby is expensive!!!! But, I love it!!!! Like the ole wifey says, there are whole lot of other bad things I could be spending the money on. And she's right, (did I just say, she's right?) Lol! Good clean fun! How close are you to getting an arrma rc? Have any of them peaked your interest any?
Yes I've been interested in arrma they have a fine line up of vehicles I've had my eye on the granite Blx and the Kraton WOW! ,Actually I just want the to win the lottery so I can have them all lol:)
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