Notorious 1M diff fluid?


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On my notorious I had a clicking sound and long story shot I was told to take it apart and put it back together and that alone fixed it but was told to put 1M fluid in the front and rear diff. I’m just doing hardcore bashing and tricks, is it bad that I have 1M in the rear and front?
what does it run like. normally its 1M in the centre and 30 wt in the rear and 60 wt in the front thats what a lot run anyway
1M diff fluid won't allow the F/R diffs to do much, so steering will be even worse than it is stock.

In the center diff, it will, again, block the diff from doing its work. This will increase wheelies (which you might like), but also decrease the slight kushening effect sending power to the front has on the drivetrain, increasing wear.

I have about 500k cst, which, for me, is perfect in the center diff. The front tires balloon, but within acceptable levels. F/R, I have the same as you (60k/30k), which seems to work fine.
The clicking sound worst under power or braking??????? Stripped teeth of ring an pinion. They have a 10t spiral pinion in there an teeth are gone most likly...fronts will shear teeth of under hard braking...thicker fluid will stop the 1 tire ballooning thing an give ya more flip control in the air..heavier fluid will blow diffs faster ..your best bet is to go with kraten exb diffs from jennyrc much stronger
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