Typhon 1st ever build!

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Hello all, I thought that I would share my 1st ever rc build. I'll preface this with the fact that I'm terribly deficient with technology/ computers but am somewhat mechanically inclined. My 1st purchase was a 3s typhon that I got in Feb, I really liked it but a mailbox post jumped outin frontofme @ about 30 mph in sub freezing temps! This is the resulting carnage
While waiting for parts to repair the 3s my impatience got the best of me & I ordered the typhon 6s from tower hobbies w/ the March sale price.
Here's where I started- the tools- after much deliberation & research (90% of which was done on this forum 👍) I bought the mip hex drivers & nut drivers. Also got some magnetic screw trays (that came with a little telescopic magnet- which actually came in very handy!), a set of o-ring picks & some tweezers, a $20 each digital caliper & infrared temp gun from amazon.

Parts list:
Pps motor mount & diff cover
M2c chassis-3005
M2c front & rear chassis braces
M2c shock standoffs
M2c servo horn
35kg 3225 servo
Fast Eddie sealed BB's
Arrma top plate & heatsink w/ 40mm fan
Arrma aluminum center diff & front/ rear aluminum diff cases
Hot racing wing mount & servo saver
Rpm front bumper- two thumbs up!! Took a 30 mph curb like a champ
T-bone racing rear mud guards
While I was in there I replaced the brass bushings with 4 of the fast Eddie bb's in the steering linkage, installed the aluminum center diff & front/ rear aluminum diffs that I topped off with 60k/300k/30k f/c/r
I still have some more goodies coming. I'm waiting for my noble nb4 tx/rx, max 8/ ezrun 4274 (w/ programming card), & finally some 6s batteries & charger.
I do still have a couple 3s batteries, so I put one of those in & Took it out for a quick shake down yesterday. Even on 3s I found myself giggling like a little kid!!!😁👍
I do think that I need to reconnect/ re-center my steering servo because it pulls hard to the right & I had to adjust my steering trim about 1/4 turn to the left to get it to track straight.
I also bought the Kraton hubs, axles, hexes etc to "truggify" it at a later date
What I think I'll end up doing is playing with it like this for a while although I need to do something else w/ the heatsink/ motor fan setup because I can't really get the body down over it. I've already bought an nhx twin cyclone fan set/ heatsink & an alza racing twin 40mm fan setup without a heatsink that I'll play around with to see which works better. I also got a bunch of different wheel/ tire combos for both on & off road that I'll be trying out too
P.s. like I mentioned earlier, I'm woefully inept at the whole tech thing so I couldn't really figure out how to put the pics in the vertical orientation- sorry. Guess I need help w/ that too!
Anyways, for a newbie this wasn't nearly as difficult as I made it to be. I was apprehensive at 1st but it only took me a couple evenings (plus a couple of hrs of youtube videos) to get everything done🙂
👍👍to arrma for making a buggy that is both tougher than hell yet easy to work on & get parts for. MAD props to everyone on this forum for helping me along while I wrenched on this absolute beauty/ beast of a car!!!!!















I am becoming a Typhon fan, I have a Big Rock (over a month old) so far just broke a drive shaft due to slipper too tight, then toasted spur/slipper bearing due to it being too loose.

I think the Typhon is just such a blank canvas, keep as a buggy, convert to on road speed runner, or turn into a full off road basher. I was thinking of adding a Noto or Outcast next to my inventory, but in the last few days the 6s Typhon has really sparked my interest.

Good luck with the build, keep the thread going.

Watch out for those dang mailboxes, I had similar thing happen with a tree and my 79 Z28 way back in school. LOL
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Didn't spend a fat dime! Got EVERYTHING from jobsite dumpsters 🤣 I made it 24"L x 11"H x 24" runup
I was like huh? Your ramp looks solid too, but I actually meant your Typhon🤣. I’m pretty sure you didn’t find all those (M2C) parts in a dumpster🤣. If you did let us know where you live🤣.
Didn't spend a fat dime! Got EVERYTHING from jobsite dumpsters 🤣 I made 36w" x 11"H x 24" runup
I kinda made it a little smaller so I can always get bored & then break stuff & build
I kinda made it a little smaller so I can always get bored & then break stuff & build
Not sure how to upload videos either, have new stuff that I want to document. Kinda slow here
If you upload them to youtube first then just copy the link and post it here
I've never done that, gotta get a youtube channel 1st? If so yall will just have to look @ stills. Got rained out of work again today, so I'll mess around with that & hopefully 🤞🤞my a arms come from Jenny's & can actually have the buggy on all 4 wheels!😃...for a little while!
I've never done that, gotta get a youtube channel 1st? If so yall will just have to look @ stills. Got rained out of work again today, so I'll mess around with that & hopefully 🤞🤞my a arms come from Jenny's & can actually have the buggy on all 4 wheels!😃...for a little while!
Well, happy Friday all. Rained out of work today so I thought I'd update on all I've been working on while I wait for parts to run. I'm not really sure how to write text after putting in pics so I'll just kinda limp it along here. Finally got the noble nb4 😃😃 off the slow boat- really like the feeling of the controller. The screens are pretty easy to navigate-even for me!🤣I bound (binded?) it to the receiver that came with-fgr4. It's bigger than the fgr4s that also came with it, but the fgr4s is antenna-less & the manual said to orient it standing up so it didn't really fit in the receiver box. Binding went surprisingly well, I'd watched some videos & looked around here beforehand but it was way easier than I had anticipated. 😃👍👍I'm absolutely terrible with technology/computers/everything that is used nowadays so that was a very pleasant surprise. I do think the manual that comes with the nb4 is seriously lacking tho, at least for me. It's just a quick start 3-4 pages. I set the steering & throttle endpoints after watching more YouTube. I'll probably have to tinker w/ it some more- that thing has SO many options/settings that I really would like a proper paper manual to really learn it.
But I digress, after a little drilling I installed some lights on top (forward facing) & bottom (rear facing-really cool looking cop style "cherries") on the wing. I think it's a typhon 3s wing, but the proline 2" light bar assembly fits perfectly in between two of the upright fins 😀 With a jst y connector I plugged those into the receiver & assigned them to the 3rd channel on the transmitter. Now I can turn them off/on & cycle through them w/ my thumb on the trigger! So cool!! Pictures in the daylight doesn't really do justice how bright these things are -I'll try to figure out how to do video @ night. Not really sure how much the lights will like a hard tail landing, but I tried to keep them inboard as much as I could with the very limited mounting area of the typhon.
Built the ramp above ☝w/ lumber that I pulled out of random jobsite dumpsters (I work construction 💪) just some 1× cedar that was left over from a deck & I totally lucked out & found a full 4×8 sheet of 1/4" mdf that has a kind of vinyl on one side for the surface!!! Came in @ just under 19#s so it's not too heavy & it didn't cost me anything 😁😁👍
Also installed the m2c shock caps & filled shocks w/ 70f & 50r. They were all about 3/4 full out of the box. BTW, how do you guys get those shock caps off easily? I didn't have a wrench big enough so I had to resort to vice grips 😬 I tried using my shock pliers, but it just kept spinning. After watching the install video on m2c again I realized that I had the pistons reversed front/rear! Oh well, take em apart again, refill em again!🤷‍♂️
Added a wheelie bar & tidied up some of the wiring. MAD props to everyone here on this forum. I guess they say that imitation is the best form of flattery? I use what I like from other builds, try to make it work for me. Still have some ideas rattling around in my head so more coming...














Well I finally get to provide an update on this project. Had been waiting for my scorched axles to arrive before getting into truggifying my typhon, so I was really excited to get started after I got them last wk.
Here's what I have added-
Hot racing Kraton hubs & steering blocks
" " aluminum diff cases (2x)
" " aluminum diff covers
Scorched titanium axles front & rear
M2C front & rear drive shafts
Gpm aluminum steering linkages
Lunsford titanium turnbuckles
Red aluminum (chinesium) sway bar end thingies
I started by taking the front diff assembly off & replacing the stocker w/ the aluminum one. While I had that apart I installed the aluminum sway bar thingies on the ends & installed the gpm aluminum steering linkages. As I was taking the front pillow balls out of the typhon hubs I found one that was bent! That would probably explain why my steering was pulling to the right. Luckily I had spares so that was an easy fix. After tearing the front all apart I realized that I should have taken a lot more pictures, oh well. Just took a few tries to get everything back together & operating smoothly w/out any binding. Just took a little planning to get the correct sequence of things getting rebolted, making sure to get the scorched axles & m2c drive shaft in before everything got screwed down. Seemed like I coulda used a couple extra hands!😂 Well after I finally got the front all completed I moved to the back. Boy, the back end was soo much easier. Way fewer components. I found it pretty easy to swap all the stub axles & hexes even tho I'd never taken those pieces apart. Am loving the wider stance that it has now. I still wanna drive it a bit w/ the buggy tires till I get used to the handling characteristics so tomorrow I'll reset the steering endpoints & go out and tear some terrain up!!!









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