2 Broken Spektrum Transmitters in 1 Week

I had one so the same thing, at least it's covered under warranty.lol
Yeah crap can happen with most any radio. Dropping one time will destroy the wheel in a second.
With all My Upgrade radios I have them each in their own foam padded Gun case. There is room for my spare batteries. lipo testor and small temp gun. Make sure to measure the radio dimensions first. So the foam pads the radio all around it.
AMZ has them for cheap. You can't toss radios around, especially loose in your car trunk. Been there. NG. A simple drop from the bench will ruin your day. Been there. I even dropped my radio and then stepped on it by accident.:rolleyes: If in its case when you don't use it, that is best.

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I can’t remember what I paid for my rugged(way too much) and noble right off the top of my head. But I just looked them up and the rugged cost more now. It felt like a toy to me so I sold it. Noble comes with 2 rx’s..
How can Spektrum justify $90-$100. for their AVC/Telem Rx????
Are they kidding me? They are trying to be Futaba...not fooling me.