2 different BLX200 ESC's?

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Was just in a debate about this ESC and did a little digging through my manuals and I was surprised to see that there are 2 different types. Apparently the Vehicles that have the Diff Brain do not have an adjustment for the bec, while the Non Diff Brain Nero IS adjustable. I own both and overlooked this until seeing a post from member RCgoogler. So I got out both manuals and found this to be true. Might be important to note.
Fazon setting on top, Nero on the bottom.

ESC Nero.jpg

ESC Nero Fazon.jpg
Neither are adjustable.

Both are locked at 6.0v.
Well the no brain Nero is showing that it is set at 7.2v factory default according to the manual? Just posted the manual above.
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