SOLD / FOUND 2004 KTM 50 SX Pro Sr LC

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For sale is a very much used , but very well maintained 04 SX
We have had this bike for about 3 years
It’s my middle sons and he’s ready to step up to a 65 (at least)
Bike currently has a TOMAR hole shot clutch in it which is rather “salty” it’s a centrifugal clutch that doesn’t engage until I think 9500rpm
It’s adjustable, but it’s very salty!!!!
I can sell the bike with TOMAR or with one of the many other factory clutches.
There is nothing wrong with this bike .
In fact I’ve never had mechanical issues with any of the KTM 50s
Bike Starts first or second kick every time
Clutch fluid was changed very regularly.
Always kept inside .
$1300.00 without the TOMAR clutch
$1500.00 with TOMAR
Have tons !!!!of extra parts , full set of KTM plastic , bearings , probably even thro in a helmet , set of boots , as well .

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Same bike ….
He did come all the way over on this wheelie , only damage was his pride , his butt , and bent mounting bracket for FMF pipe which was an easy repair.
He started riding this bike at 7 .
Just fyi it’s not to powerful for the youngens and it ain’t just for boys !!!
They do have crap load of power but can totally be rode outside of track setting.
Like trails , woods , so on ….
PM sent
Nice looking bike !!!
I had a 250 SX
04 in fact
Ran like a scolded dog !!!!
Sold it to buy race car stuff ..
Price drop $1250 with TOMAR clutch included.
The clutch itself is like $300 !!!

Will trade for “2 stroke”
65 or 85 SX YZ or KX !
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