Kraton 2015 - Jump Compilation

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Lots of greats in this; jumps, video, Arrma, slo-mo and location.
Mind a couple of video questions?
What's camera that's capturing the great slo-mo?
Two to make the video? Driver and cameraman? Or in my case, I've a very part-time camerawoman.
Thank you

1 Using the GoPro4 120fps setting
2 head mount, took an old construction helmed the insert and fabricared a mount on it.

Great idea on the construction helmet. I've attached GoPro to ball cap bill and it tends to flop and move, no matter how tight the band. Tried it with a Mobious, but it only goes to 60fps.
I believe I have that setting my 3 Black, will check it out.
Thanks for the info!
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