Senton 2200kv motor

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Has anyone put a Castle Creations 2200kv motor on 4S in a Senton? I have a MM2 ESC and a 2200kv motor I could use in one. If I did, would I be breaking parts like crazy?

I don't see how just upgrading the motor/esc would start breaking parts. I'm sure you know it depends on your driving skill. That's the setup I want to put on my Senton, but I don't have that specific motor, only the esc. I've heard thats what it needs at the least is 4s, I've ran mine on 6s (stock setup except for the 20 tooth pinion) a few times and its had no problems. I got it up to 65mph before I started running out of road and had to let off the throttle.
I'm just trying to find ways to save money as I already have the ESC/motor. But I think the challenge might be finding a good priced roller.....
i have a mmx and 2650 in my love it..
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