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Hello guys. I had been hunting a 1/8 scale buggy for a few weeks and came across an offer from a great friend of mine who was not using his Typhon. I scooped it up for next to nothing and have been going through the chassis to replace some worn/broken parts:
  • steering servo (oem warranty replacement)
  • front lower (rear) hinge pin carrier
  • bearings (full kit)
So at this stage, I have taken an eye to some things that I am uncertain of. The servo rocks a little at full left position...the hardware is tight but I am not sure if this is normal for this chassis.

As well, the ackerman plate seems to have measurable play up/down...I am reading of other Arrma Typhon users who have had theirs bend. Again, all the hardware to secure linkage is tight but should I have a concern about the matter?

The end goal is to simply run this buggy on a track I have built in my backyard. I have no intentions of running it 6s or serious demand to bash. Thanks in advance for any help and tips that I should be well aware of.