Typhon 2x 4S LiPo in Parallel?

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I was at the LHS today and fell in love with the Typhon 6s, at $349 it's really quite a Big Bang for the buck so it looks like it will be my new vehicle in the coming weeks, but I had a question about batteries...

I know that you can run 2x 3s LiPos in series with a Y-Series connector to get 6s equivalence, but I was also wondering If I can run a Y-Parallel connector (I have both) on 2x 4s to run in '4s' mode/speed but get longer run times. Obviously I'm going to use matched/charged packs, but I don't see any problem doing this - anything I'm missing?

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In Parallel it will still be 3s. I'm pretty sure the Blx180 Esc is 4s minimum.
Crap - I meant 4s, sorry... can I run 2x 4s in parallel?

It looks like 4s packs take up nearly the size of a 6s so I wouldn't be able to fit 2x in there...

The price difference on 6s vs 4s is nearly double at my LHS ($55 vs $95) - I'm thinking I should just get a couple 6s packs and be done... I'd hate to buy 4s now and want to go 6s later
i bought it from tower, couple weeks ago. added a pinion gear to bring it over 435 to use the $100 off coupon. Cheap as. :)

$338.98US with pinion gear + $4.99US for mempership
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