3.8 Rims, What Do You Like?

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What do you guys run with your 1/8 bashers? I stripped out the hex on one of my stock dBoots Backflips and was wondering what everyone else uses for rims. I’ve got some Proline wheels (on other rigs), but had to move to aluminum hexes because the Proline ones were crap. I’d be happy to have some good wheels and just order rubber and glue myself, especially if it saves some moolah.
Proline does think a lot of those aluminum center hub hexes. ADU is now making the 3.8 rim 17mm hex inserts for the Proline rims & in 7075 aluminum. And cheaper than Proline. ADU also offers not just the inner hex hub, but a outer 7075 ring as well to capture the plastic on both sides. Didn't really answer your question but it's what I found just the other day. I have a set of 3.8 Prolines w/ the plastic inserts. I just don't use them that much but thought about the ADU setup & much cheaper & get outer rings, I could use the rims a lot more.
I’m with @dure16 , I’d stay with the backflips as they’ve become my favorite. Prolines are too expensive and a lot heavier. From a budget perspective I’d probably try a couple or three different AliExpress flavors for much less than one set of ProLines.
RC Jun Backflips have a robust replaceable 0-offset adapter should you have another torquing failure.


Proline hubs are known for exploding. You can buy the metal upgrades around $100 a vehicle. Big fan of the backflips myself.
Oh I love the backflips. But since this happened, I figured I’d ask if anyone else had any flavours they really enjoyed.

I had already been eying those AliEx RC Juns you mentioned @Garcbomber in the AliEx wheel and tire thread. Looks sweet 👌🏼
I have the RC Jun Backflip LPs, haven't run them a lot but they seem to be comparable in quality to the dboots version except the rubber seems slightly thicker. The inserts @Garcbomber showed are indeed robust and should take a beating.

I also like the 3.8 Trencher LPs. I bought a set of zero offset aluminum inserts because it seems almost everyone destroys the Proline hex inserts. Have run the Trencher LPs a lot and they are my favorite on 4s, on 6s they tend to balloon a little more than Backflips so I stick to Backflips running 6s.