3600KV BLX motor bearing question

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Hi all -

I posted this question on the "official" Arrma forum, but I though I'd give it a shot here too.

So I had the bearing that holds the output shaft in place fail on my Fury BLX 3600KV motor. I can "wiggle" the output shaft with my fingers. Has anyone tried to rebuild their 3600KV brushless motor? If so, do you know what size bearings it takes? The only info I was able to dig up was that "most" 540 size motors take 1/8" x 3/8" x 5/32" bearings.

I'm already contacted Arrma for warranty service. They have been good about sending replacements in the past, considering that I've had 1 ESC and 2 motors replaced in less than 9 months of ownership.

I tried to unbolt the small bolts on the motor can, but they are stuck :(

I have no need to look into it, I was just curious.

I would bet on Arrma warranty, as it should not happen so fast.
If not, than try to remove the bolts very carefully with good quality tools. And make sure your hex fits perfectly. The bolts are so small, easily damaged!
Right now I'm having a hard time taking the motor apart. I was able to remove the 4 screws, but not the black cover. I'm not sure if the can is threaded and the black cover is screwed in, pressed in and held in with friction, or just glued. I was able to move it a little with hand tools, but not much. I'm gonna have to go to my buddy's house and put it in his vice and take a pipe wrench to it...:D

It's a good thing I'm getting a free replacement from Arrma, so I don't care too much if I ruin it.
I was able to take the endbell off using 2 pairs of channel lock pliers. I was surprised how much dust was inside the motor.
You can see the balls from the broken bearing still attached to the shaft magnet.
In order to remove the bearing, I had to heat the endbell with a torch. The bearing is pressed in and cannot be removed with ease. Heating the black aluminum endbell turned it a brown color.
WP_20150815_007.jpg WP_20150815_008.jpg
Here are the remains of the busted bearing on the right and some brass spacers (shims) on the left.
The bearing is 5mm x 11mm x 5mm. I'm going to order either a metal or ceramic one from AVID to see if I can actually make this motor run again. Any input? I'm leaning towards ceramic.

Now I have to find someone with a press...

EDIT: Also forgot to add that there is another bearing on the other endbell near the wires. I did not take that side off since that bearing was in good shape, but it appeared to be the same size.
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Many thanks for sharing the pictures!
Wow, that is a lot of dust.

I guess this is caused by the broken bearing ring, which should have prevented the dust coming in in the first place.

I had this problem with the gear box cup bearing. Same problem, and a lot of dust inside, which should not come in.

I think this bearing size is quite common.
Did you have any luck with this - re: replacing the bearings and resurrecting the motor?

From what i could find the bearings are 5x11x5 but I haven't had any luck finding any high speed type.
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