3D rivets

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Here's a cheap trick that results in great details. Not just for trucks, but for any model, any scale.
The scale and spacing of the rivets is determined by the size and spacing of the comb's teeth. Any pharmacy has an incredible collection. Tiny mustache combs, curved berets, BIG combs. Any size.
This is on the tail of a 400 size Apache Heli. It's just Elmer's wood glue. When it dries it dries clear and is compatible with all paints. You can spend a lot on sheets of stick-on raised rivets but this gives you the same effect for the cost of a comb in a fraction of the time. If you make a mistake you can wipe it off with a moist cloth before the glue sets and re-do it.

@Rolex that's awesome. Just looking at the photo I thought it was just paint and thought that was a good idea to make something look more to scale but seeing you're using glue which will also give the raised feel with the glue is just that much better.

Nice tip!
Thanks. It sure enhances the look for those that are into super details. After painting, the decals can be applied since the real machines have markings or numbers in places that also have the rivets. Micro Mark has some amazing decal solvents that allow the decal to lay down on any surface with no bubbles or wrinkles. It ends up looking like it was silk screened on.

The tail isn't on here, but here's the rest of the bird looking faded and worn from lots of dust and jet exhaust. Note the lettering on the tail, "United States Army". Very faded. That's from being over sprayed with a thinned paint.


Here's a lot of wear and tear around the grab handles and step. Nothing looks worse than a shiny, clean military model. You heard it first...NO wax on this one. :eek:

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Do you have a link for that Micro Mark solvent?
Yep, here it is. This makes a decal go from a sticker to a factory silk screened look.

Here's my big Humm-Vee with the decals done that way. I make my own decals on a laser printer then use the solvents to set them. You see no bubbles, no bumps and no edges.

All i have to say is Damn that looks nice. Makes me want to try my hand at painting a body sometime.
I've just gotten back into this project and today my electronic controls for lights and flashers just arrived.
I'm buzzing from all the ShooGoo I've used to glue the LEDs in place. I'll have some update photos of the big Humm-Vee shortly.
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