Granite 3s C-hub/knuckle binding

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Anyone have issues with the hubs and specially the top and bottom screws that they swivel on? The previous owner of my granite upgraded the plastic stock to aluminum, but I found very quickly that those swivel screws and the bushing they sit in fall out easily. I have loctite’d them several times, but I’m still have issues with them because I can’t tighten them up all the way. If I do get them tight (hand tight, not crazy lock-down tight) the whole assembly locks together and won’t turn for the steering. So I have to leave them loose and then the screws fall out the second my back is turned.

I just got the stock plastic hubs to replace out the aluminum (outer C of the knuckle is still aluminum), but one side is doing the same thing. Is this a bushing issue, or maybe my screws are too long?
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