Typhon 3S Typhon to Kraton conversion?

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Hey all. I have a 3S Typhon that I really don’t use much. I was thinking of converting it to a Kraton. Will the new K4 body fit the chassis? Obviously I’d need new body mounts, shocks, and wheels. Is there anything else I’m not thinking of? I’m happy with the 3S power plant for now. Or am I nuts for thinking this might be a feasible project? Thanks in advance!!
Are you talking about the new L4 V2 or the old one because the old one should fit with the typhon chassis but the new K4V2 you need the need xlwb chassis the new wider arms and driveshafts and I’m sure that’s not everything. If you go with the old version 1 it’s feasible but the new v2 your better off buying the whole thing new.
Before I begin, CDbasher, WELCOME to the Arrma Forum! It is good to have you aboard.

The 3s and 4s rigs can use the same composite chassis, but you'll want to change the shock towers, shocks, arms, turnbuckles, steering links, axles, driveline ... the list can be quite long.
The person you really need to converse with is @Velodromed as he has done this and the know how.

Check out "Thing" as it shows the compatibility between the 3s and 4s lines.
The Kraton 4s v1 will fit the Typhon 3s chassis if you get the body post too. The v2 body will also fit if you make some modified body posts. I think the V2 body suits better with wheelbase of the chassis.
This is my v1 with the v2 body.

Thanks everyone for welcome and the info.
I suppose My ultimate goal is just a truggified Typhon that so happens to have the new Kraton 4S v2 body on it. So far I have found some great info here, my only issue is the rear wing. Not sure If I need to change shock tower in the rear, or if I need to come up woth something a little different for the mount.
It works just fine, fits perfect..just use Vorteks body posts on the kraton shock towers.
I actually think it looks better, the body covers the shock towers.
I had to modify the tower to tower brace and the side guards a little, but looks killer!
I've had this on my mind for ages, but didn't want the expense or hassle of all the bits, arms, hubs, bearings the list is long...

So last month I bought a Granite body, and post set. trimmed the body a bit and there you have it 😎

I did trim the posts as short as pos, and used the typhon rear posts modded slightly

I had the same idea when I bought my Typhon.
I've got some monster truck bodies that all the "tailgate" broke off due too wheelies that I was gonna repurpose using senton front arms and cutting the rear of the body off.
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