7-cell Duratrax Onyx NiMH Battery with Arrma MEGA RTR's

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Arrma RC's
  1. Kraton 6s
  2. Mojave EXB
ARRMA MEGA RC's are perfect for bashers and beginners, and it’s easy to see why. ARRMA Mega's come pre-built, tough, and have outstanding values with a 2-year limited warranty for an amazingly affordable price!

To top it off, from NOW through October 31, 2015, ARRMA Mega RC's are an even better value than before. If you buy one of the RTRs below from now through October 31, and you’ll get a true-rated 7-cell Duratrax Onyx NiMH pack as well as one of the fastest, toughest 1/10 scales around!

AMain.com is an authorized dealer and have great prices on the ARRMA brand cars and trucks if your local hobby shop doesn't carry them.
Yes Amain is the bomb. com that is where I've been getting all my upgrades so far that I can't get at local hobby shop. So far extremly happy with every purchase with them
How didi you get it to fit?
It fits with the foam block removed but the wires insulation has started to come off where it rubs. If you can find one where the wires go straight down rather than out the center of the battery that would be best.
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