7000 mah charging to 7400?


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Is it bad that my batteries that are 7000 Mah are charging to 7400mah?
What kind of lipo you got.. and did you have your balance plugged in.. and yes this is very dangerous.. I would throw it in your rig real quick and drain it!! 🔥 🔥
I had a set of 5000mah 3s lipos that would take in about 5800mah. No battery will actually take in what the label says lucky you got one that takes in more.
The final voltage is what counts. If at 4.20V or below, that's fine.

More importantly, what's the per-cell voltage when you put them on the charger? You may be running them too long/too hard, and getting the resting voltage too-low. Over-draining them, which then requires more mAh to get them charged up again. Running them too-low can damage the LiPos.

Running them down to 3.7V/cell is pretty safe, when measured with no load on them (like with a cell checker, or on the charger). Some folks will run a little lower, maybe closer to 3.6V. Personally, I prefer to end up at near 3.7V, as kind of a target for being fairly-gentle on the packs. I'm sure there are a variety of opinions on this, as with everything. But if you put them on the charger and they're at 3.5V or something, to me, that means you're running them too low.
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