Kraton 72 mph speed run

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Ole Fart51

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Running leopard 4092 1730kv with 22 tooth spur on 6s. Gonna put the 18 back on for bashing. Ran 59 on the 18.
You mean 22T pinion? The spur is the big gear.
Yep, 22 pinion. My bad

Good job, My car started taking flight at the mid 60s.
Mine wanted to lift off the ground yesterday at around 65, so last night I lowered the front end, stiffened the rear and put an ounce of lead on the front end. I'm gonna get a better 6s battery, I made this run with two 3s batteries that had a 30c discharge rate, I'm sure it will be faster with a 90c or 100c single 6s.
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