8-15-2015 Road Race

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As most of you know I am the happy owner of a Fury. I have it setup for road oval right now. I came in 1st place on the 2nd heat and 3rd place in the feature. Wasn't pretty, but the Fury held it together this weekend after the diff rebuild a couple of weeks ago.

Still having to run very wide and lay off the throttle in the turns, but is very quick in the straight. Unfortunately, these races are usually won in the turns. Probably need to stiffen the shocks more and get rid of the cheapo road rage tires.

Wow! An SCT which won a on-road race!

Those stock tires are not good on any surface.

If you want to set it up for on-road use, I would suggest the following:

- on-road soft rubber tires. Many brands have them for the Slash 4x4 like PL, aka, MP...
- stiffer suspension, at least the springs. Maybe lower suspension to get an even lower COG
- now the difficult mod: try to add stabilizer springs, which basically connect the left and right front suspension arms with each other. Also for the rear. They are available for among other the Durango SCT's. It prevents roll when cornering. Most real road cars have them too!

Show us some pictures of your ride in this racing set-up.
And what are the rules and regulations?

The class I run in is the Outlaw SCLM class. I run with the true SCLM's, but I am not 100% legal. We just run to have fun here. More of a family environment.

I am running Road Rage tires. Medium compound though. The truck came with beadlocks, so I might try some soft Traxxas or Pro-line tires. Still researching. I did lower the truck, just visit the Build log. I am out of spring spacers and don't feel like buying more springs. I only run the oval for poos and giggles anyways. The off road season kicks off in October.

The rules are kinda flexible. No one really cares that I run a truck body, etc. That might change if I actually win a bit though. LOL.

Take care,
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