8.4 volt ok?

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Noob battery question here. If I increase the voltage of the battery I'm using that's ok right? or are there limits based on what your motor can handle?

I'm running a stock 2014 granite mega and want to buy a 8.4v 4200mah NiMH battery. Although I think this one would have an issue fitting in the battery case, like this one: http://www.rcplanet.com/Traxxas_Series_Three_8_4_V_NiMH_4200mAh_7_C_Batte_p/tra2940x.htm

I understand changing to Lipo requires more, but does just bumping up the voltage require anything?
I ran my fury mega on my buddies left over Traxxas 7 cells when we went to the track. Just watch the temps. Mine was starting to get hot coming off the track on 3000mah packs. Just can't be a hump pack. Plug it in and go.
Upgrading to a 2s LiPo requires nothing more than moving a jumper on your ESC. With the body off it takes less than 5 seconds. LiPo chargers are not as expensive as I would have thought either. I bought a 8amp charger for $46 (I honestly hate waiting so I bought 2 8000mAh 2s 40c LiPo batts and a 1c capable charger. Was 34 minutes deep into my LiPo maiden voyage when I destroyed my steering arm)
In reference to the voltage increase, the speed card shows the first upgrade being the 8.4v NiMH so if you are determined to stick with NiMH you shouldn't have any issues.
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