ac/dc nihm/lipo charger

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I would like to get my self a nihm lipo charger
I have looked around theres tons of chargers out there
I have no idea theres that much of chargers out there
And makes it really hard to chose one

I just need a simple
Ac/dc 120v to 240v nihm lipo charger
Able to fast balance charged 2s to 6s 6000mah 80c lipo
Discharged, storage charged , charged 2 lipos at once
It doesn't need to be touch screen
Its my first time to use a lipo
So i prefer something much easier to use
than those complicated chargers out there

Thanx guys
What's up! Armageddon a charger that it's easy to use and charges both nimh & lipos and up to 6s and is good on the pocket is the imax b6 charger I have mine's for about a year and no problem, it cost about less than $30 bucks on eBay good luck!
Thanx man
I think i have seen a youtube video of that charger
Do you know where i can order it i don't wanna order on ebay i have seen some forum post about this charger being duplicated or something
Want to make sur ei have the real deal
You can try Amazon,that I know the original charger comes with all the wires to charge mostly anything that takes charge even glow plugs for nitro gas cars even motorcycle battery's.
Is this charger reliable?
The price is super low makes me wonder why its that low
I was thinking somwhere around a 100 dollars charger lol

What charger is everyone using?
hey ARRMAgeddon, have a look at the SkyRC D100.
I am using it about 2-3 months now. you get a lot for your money, really love it. :)
only downside: its a bit noisy, nothing for living room etc. but fine for the hobby room.
at the moment just 4s lipos with 5000-6000 mah and somtimes some random nimh 7,2v packs.
time? no idea, usually i charge over night with just 1 amp.
you can charge two batteries at the same time with 50W on each port, or charge one batterie with 100W. AC Mode, with DC you got 200W
from this you can calculate how long it will take to fully charge your lipo
Im thinking of getting the venom pro duo
About how long would it charged a 4s 6000mah 60c lipo
With this charger?
I figured two of those battery should be enough for bashing around
If it takes an hour to charged both batteries at the same time thatt would be good
you should be able to have your charging battery finish before your battery you are running runs out. if not well then it's going to be a close thing on the timing.
I end up getting the hitec x1 touch
As my first lipo charger
Hope i made a good choice lol
Once i get comfortable using lipo batteries
Ill get my self a decent charger

Next a lipo 4s 6000mah 60c
Can you reccomend a good lipo battery
What brand
Milliamp Hour6500mAhVoltage14.8VC Rate60C Constant / 120C BurstConfiguration4S2P Hard CaseConnector TypeDeansGenuine power connector with 10 gauge wires. XH Balance connector.DimensionsLength138.70mm / 5.46inWidth47.75mm / 1.88inHeight47.55mm / 1.87in
I have that SMC 6500 mah 4s battery. It is great in my Typhon. I have the SPC 6500 mah 4s 65C, too, also a great battery.

I had one of the 50 watt 'clone' chargers to start out with. Mine had a bad button and I returned it. But, while it did work 50 watts of charging on a 6500 mah 4s lipo can only muster up about 3 amps. I was not thinking at the time and was fooled by the 5 amp rating. Well over an hour to charge from storage level.

So I ended up with a 80 watt B680 type AC/DC charger(I found mine for $40 to my door on Amazon). That can get up just on the high side of 5 amps on my 4s batteries, much better and that shaves off a bit of time on a full charge cycle.
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Thanx for replying gt1
Man i think im an idiot for getting that hitec x1 touch
Some say it'll takes 2hours to charged that smc battery

With your newer charger how long will it takes to charged your smc 4s
Hour and half s fine with em but for 2 hours waiting man thats long
What acdc charger on the market that can fast balance charged that smc?
Im going to get me another charger
A decent charger
I will charge one from storage voltage tonight and see how long it takes.

I don't think you were an idiot, you hit the same trap I did. Hey, if you were charging 5000 mah 2s lipos it would do the 5-6 amps.
Yeah im thinking of going that route instead of 4s
Ill get 2x 2s 5000mah instead i think it would be a bit faster?
But man sure wish i can use single packs only

What do you think of this charger
Dynamite’s Passport UltraForce rocks the house with 200W of charge power, AC/DC input

Features200W charge power provides enough output power for high capacity batteries with 1-3C charge ratesAdjustable charge current range of 0.1 to 10.0ACharges LiPo/Life (1-6Cells), NiCD/NiMH (1-18 cells) and Pb/SLA type batteries (2-24V)Adjustable discharge current range of 0.1 to 5.0AComes with Tamiya, Deans and EC3 connectors as well as a JST_XH balance adapterIntegrated 1-6S LiPo balance circuitBattery fast charge mode senses the condition of the battery and automatically increases the charge rate for fast charge timesBattery storage mode senses the condition of the battery and automatically charges it to a reduced capacity for long term storageInternal cooling fanLow input voltage, over current protection, over temperature, reverse polarity and short circuit protectionStore and run feature allow the charger to store the previous battery charge setting so the user can quickly begin charging after power up
Hello guys.

I already have a charger a PRO-TRONIC AP681BLC, it ok but I need other one because of lot of LiPos.

So I hesitate between these 2 models:

1) SKYRC D100
skyrc d100.jpg


What do you think about?

Thanks for your answers. :)
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