Typhon Advice needed for Purchase

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Hi all,

I can buy this Typhon;


I got these picture from the owner;

image1.JPG image2.JPG image3.JPG

What do you guys think?...Good buy?...Good price?...o_O

I am always a bit wary about buying things when I can not see them...:oops:

As always any suggestions, input, and jokes are much appreciated...;)


If you don't I might lol what's the price I could not find I hate it when my phone smarter than me! Still looks like its good shape plenty of extras.
Its € 350,=

And yes, it got 4 2s lipo's...2 extra sets of wheels...TBR Bumpers...
Good find but I do agree it is very scary buying without seeing and handling it. Do you know how old it is?
Looks good and nice options like the sealed bearings, extra tires (on-road?) and T-bone racing bumpers.
However here my thoughts:

- Stock Esc. is known to be very bad from the first series. Most survive 4S, but 6S -> smoke. So make sure you get the original receipt from a local (web)shop in case you need the warranty (2 years). But it will be sold without one, so just info you will not need ;)
- Diffs are not steel, but composite. They seem to hold up even on 6S, but there are known issues with them. Also with the diff boxes ripping sometimes. Note: this 4 wheel drive car has 3 differentials = 3 times more trouble ;)
Solution, see my first comment
- Front suspension arms and front wheel bearings are notorious for being easily damaged. I would check that before purchase
- Lipo batteries are nice. But if the previous owner mistreated them only once, they will be useless or a serious (fire) hazard. I would advice to check them if inflated (or ballooned = bad) and measure each individual (4 per battery) cell's voltage.
- No motor, esc and servo. For a 1/8 scale truck these are seriously expensive items, even if you go the HobbyKing way for example. So in that perspective the asking price is not that good. And also difficult to test drive the car, if there are any problems.
This car was during the introduction €429,- RTR without batteries. €350,- is just €79,- less than new (okay, you get batteries and other goodies, but the car is still used)

So to conclude: for €350,- I would definitely check what I buy before purchase.
Quite a gamble if bought on-line only!

Just my two cents ;)
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