Advice on the new Granite BLX please

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So i run ECX in 1/10th scale and Arrma in 1/8th.

My buddy wants to get his son a RC monster truck. I recommended him avoiding the ECX Ruckus. I have both the 2WD and 4WD. So yeah.

How has the new Granite been holding up? Anything need to be replaced out of the box? Did they fix the diff issue? How well does the stock servo fair? And is the brushless system a decent system?

Thanks, guys!
Tbh for a kid I would go with a stampede 2wd 100%... Parts are more accessible, video repair guides litter youtube, it takes me about 5ish hours to rebuild a granite but only 3 to fully rebuild a stampede. Essentially I think the granite drives better but the fact that a kid will be the driver I would want to upgrade to those sweet rpm parts with lifetime warrenties and metal gear transmission that I have put 24v motor (tho you wouldnt want that for a kid) in and it easily survived.

Think that's the best for kids....not Arrma not ecx....traxxas all the way

I only wish in 95' when I got my first rc 2wd stampede I wish they had lipo and brushless..... For about 120 bucks later when the kid is becomes a more experienced driver and mechanic you can turn a 25mph truck into a 45mph rocket.

I left the rc stuff from 2005 to 2015 until brushless became more more affordable because I didn't want nitro and was bored of 30mph
FWIW, the kid is 11. But i didnt think about the Stampede. My concern is him burning up brushed motors vs brushless. And how much upgrading will the Stampede need to be capable of a brushless motor?
Wouldn't give a kid a truck capable of 65mph.... Sounds like a long talk with an insurance agent and a broken truck.

I would worry more about when the kid does break it what will be easier on the parent. Fixing buying and so on..... Brushed motors are 10 bucks cheap.... Yeah they burn out...brushless motors break too... To go brushless and you already have a lipo it's about 90 bucks. About 120 for battery and all the electronics.

Tho you can send in the blx to get fixed for free for 2 years... shipping costs me almost 30 bucks and I'm only 3 hours away...

If the parents are really helpful I could see a 11 year old fixing a blx with help but I could see an 11 year old fixing his stampede by himself
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