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I have preordered the new Fury BLX, and was wondering what aftermarket wheels/tires/bodies would fit?
Was looking at the Parma PSE Muscle Car bodies to fit on the Fury, love that look for an SCT.
I also read something about Slash 4x4 wheels will fit best on front and rear?
Any short course wheels with 12mm hexes should work. If you are racing, I have read the Slash wheels will make it too wide (track width) for some sanctioning bodies. Not sure about the bodies though. I haven't use those bodies. Most any short course body "should" work. I've had good luck with Pro-Line bodies, but I'm not sure about their availability in your neck of the woods.
Oooh, it's only for racing, well thats not an issue for me then.
I''d love me some ProLine beadlocks, really hate glueing tires :D
For the bodies, I'll take some measurements when I get the car and compare them to the bodies to see if it will work.
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