Airbrushed my first body

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So I bought an airbrush and thought I would take a crack at painting a body. My nephew was in need of a new shell, so for his 11th birthday we bought a body shell and I began painting it. It's only the fourth I've painted and the first I've airbrushed, came out quite well all things considered but I'm no @Ajag

I certainly have more respect for all those experience airbrush guys.


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Nice paint job. I've been there and done that so I can appreciate all the time you must have put into masking it off. I like the first season MTV theme with the hot rod snail too.
I love it. I retired from the USAF, and the post office. Snail mail, get it. So when I saw what you did with the snail,I thought wow too cool. A snail with flames shooting out is so inventive. 🏁
Love it man! Thats a great job for anyone regardless of your 4th body. I bought an airbrush and some wicked createx. I've been practicing on lexan boxes.