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Winnipeg, Manitoba
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  1. Senton 6s
So I bought my Senton a couple months ago and I like it so much that I decided to ditch my traxxas stampede and pick up a Kraton! I just unboxed it, and had to run it right away. This truck is a beast! It's my first 1/8 monster truck and I don't think I'll be going back to 1/10 scale for a long time.
I'm running it on 6s, stock 12t pinion.
I've heard a lot about the short rear shock springs so I picked up a set of TLR truggy rear springs. They don't fit perfect because they narrow down on one end but it at least keeps the back end off the ground.
Congrats on the new Arrma Kraton @travis328! If you like that wing, might I strongly suggest getting an RPM Wing Mount as the stock mount is known to break in no time fast.
Yeah I actually broke it on my first run of the truck, but it's -10C here and I landed directly on the corner of the wing. But I managed to glue it back together using some CA glue. I'll probably order the wing mounts this weekend
Well I landed a jump wrong today, landed on the wing and it broke off completely... Looks like I'll be ordering the RPM mount...
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