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Hey guys, figured I'd be a test subject for a servo that I hadn't seen many reviews for (which could be a bad or a good thing lol). Hopefully I can help someone out by giving this thing a try. I found this Readytosky 30KG servo on Amazon for about $22. What stood out to me is that it's not labeled or advertised as a "high voltage" servo. The 30kg advertised rating is supposed to be torque output right around 6V. It says it can handle up to 7.4v and the torque specs at that voltage are around the 33kg mark. My BEC isn't 7.4V so I figured this servo may be of better use for me. Now granted, I know it probably doesn't actually put out those numbers, but I'm sure it'll produce more torque than the stock K6 servo. It is just a tad bit smaller than the stock servo though. I'm gonna try to get it installed tonight so I can take it out for a rip tmrw. I'll be sure post my thoughts/results.


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If you want to test the torque you can hang a 30KG weight on a 1cm arm (or a 26 lbs on a 1" arm) and see what it does.

Just (gently) clamp it to your desk and use some paracord or a coat hanger to see if can lift the weight.