Anti spark connectors

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I haven't used one personally, but I know guys will split the crossover wire and install one there. But that's mostly for guys that run 2 batteries in series. This way you can connect both batteries first and then connect the crossover wire.
Glad not the only one - i get some decent sparks off my battery when i plug them in too. first car with deans connector on ESC (my other cars i use adapter to Tamiya plug)
I was getting a spark with 6s and ec5 connectors and I just noticed a spark with the deans on my yeti with 2s.I might get some to try.
I've never seen sparks when connecting my batteries. All of my RC vehicles have On/Off switches on the ESCs, so I make sure they're always in the Off position when I change my batteries. I wouldn't think you would get a spark if the ESC is turned Off, because it would still be an open circuit when you connect the battery.
i am even getting them on my yeti when i plug my battery even when the esc is turned off. from what i have read that it isn't a big deal until i have some sort of meltdown i am not going to be to worried.
I've seen this too, especially on a fresh charge. I too, was told it's not a worry but I'd rather it not happen. I will watch and see what these new type of connectors help.
I've been seeing it on my Senton, it's actually causing slight burn marks and pitting on my connector on the ESC side. But I've also heard that the connectors from factory aren't genuine deans plugs
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