Kraton any dusty motors chassis cover for the kraton?

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Hi all, I am in the USA, sadly it seems like the dusty motors covers are in the uk or something, I really would like the idea of a zippable cover that would protect my under chassis from all the snow, and it would make cleanup easier, I read here that the 36cm x 36cm cover will fit, but what is that material that they use? I am thinking I could make my own possibly...

is it only from a foreign country? If I could figure out what material it is I could likely cut my own and attach it with velcro... I tried looking on ebay and they are from Lithuania
TBR sells them too yay:D ugh they are on backorder:(

ima just make one outerwears sells their water repellent material, Ima make one that velcros on to the sides of the chassis for $20 in black I bought an 18"x18" sheet
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