Anybody use the speed gear all the time?

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Wyoming, Delaware
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Does anybody bash with their Nero using the 17t gear? I'm just curious since it is a bear to swap out (even the alternative instructions are no picnic) pinions. I wondered if anybody put the 17t on but still romps in the dirt and grass and stuff.
Sure, that's what I run. I'm not changing the pinion back, and forth. I haven't really checked temps, other than just finger test. But I haven't seen any Extreme temps with my 6500mAh (75c) packs.
Hmm makes me wonder if i should have gone even bigger on the Fazon since that's always going to be a pavement pounder.
I do not use the 17T Gear. The area where I could drive is not so large that I can run high speed.
Also I am driving mostly on dirt and grass. Therefore I had keep the smaller gear on it.
Til yet I never had problems with temperature, also not with 6s.
Oh, I forget, I have the BR.

Those are all reasons why you should run the 17t pinion. I run mine all the time on 4s w the punch turned all the way up. Absolutely no issues. Temps are perfect, noticeably faster and I mostly run on dirt, grass, and pavement. I think the issues would be running 17t on 6s, but even then, I haven't heard of any issues, other than breaking every other part on the truck. Lol
I run the 17t with 6s all the time. I keep it mostly on the ground. Has SRC tires and I use it on pavement, dirt, sand, and grass. Sheared pin on axle day one, that was my fault, forgot diffs were locked and bashed. No other breaks so far. Truck is fast and will still wheelie with ease. Punch turned up
Found speed calculator. Posted link in new thread.

Nero on 6s 11.1v with SRC terrain crushers 5.5, calculated with 15t 42.02 mph, w/ 17t 47.62 mph. I have been getting 47 with17t

With stock tires 15t calculated 57 mph (I did not achieve), and calculated w/ 17t 65 mph (never tried)

I wonder how this compares to others results. I seem to do 10mph slower than speed run videos with same truck, gearing, batteries. EPA throttle at max.
Your terrain crushers do not balloon like the stock tires. That will alter your gear ratio. You need a bigger pinion gear to compensate for the tires...

I'll try a larger pinion. What kinds of speed do you get show2time w/ the 21. I'm newish to RC. And although I've had brushless 1/10 and nitro 1/8, nothing like the Arrma on 6s. Until the last couple days I thought ballooning slowed the truck.

BTW...The info I've gotten from this forum would have taken months and $$$$'s to acquire. Thanks to the community.
So we have one guy running the 17T all the time and another running a 21T all the time. Anybody else? Show2ime - You really have had no trouble? Do you just keep it to the streets?
Street, driveway, and yard. I live on a big sand dune(s). Use Outcast for runs with more topography.
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