Anyone else having hub slippage?

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Arrma RC's
I took my Big Rock out the other day (First time in a while) and was running through a grassy field. I heard some clicking when flooring it which I thought was unusual. I bought a diff maintenance kit just in case.

When I got it home I went to take the wheels off and they were stuck on there very well because the hex had slipped and jammed in the wheel. Upon further inspection, both rear hubs look like they had been slipping in the wheel, as the red anodizing is worn off the corners of the hex.

Luckily I stopped running when I had heard it and the wheels look like they are good enough to run on the front. I must be getting old.. my younger days I'd have ran it into the ground.

I know I was running in a high traction situation, with the Badlands MX38's on grass, however is there anything I can do to stop this from happening again?

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