Anyone ever done 7S?

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I didn't want to highjack a thread with this question. I got in on the fireteam sale and have kept it stock with the exception of 50k/500k/20k front to rear fluids, kraton hubs and exb chassis braces for now. While driving it around this weekend I realized that the 2050 is just not enough for this car with the weight. I have in the past experimented with a 1250kv/160A combo in my v5 kraton but it seemed too out of control. Even on 6S. I shelved it and went max8 combo with the Kraton. So I had this 8s combo hanging around and thought what the hell. Zip tied the esc and went with a 24t pinion. Started it up...calibrated the esc...everything went smooth. Punch set to 4 of 5 on 6s. Now, I know I don't want to do 8s for the sake of the lifespan of my diffs, but want a bit more than 6s. Now here's the question. If I have the same amp/hr and C rating of 2 batteries. Say, 8000 mah 100C and one is 3s and the other is 4s would there be any issues battery wise or esc wise? Technically the motor and esc are 8s. What is anyone's guess...or has anyone done this?
I would go straight 8S - just lower the punch level if you are scared to ruin the diffs. I guess technology wise there is no harm in going 7S, your auto lipo cut-off will probably not work but you can control that.
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