Kraton Anyone know how to order G Force metal frame motor fans?

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I saw a video of a guy explaining that the GForce fans had metal frames and out performed Game changer, and Powerhobby.
For some reason the last several Powerhobby twister fans I’ve bought won’t last no time. The wires come loose from the little circuit board. Tried putting a small dot of E6000 at the connection point and letting it dry a few days. Messed up an $85 dual set yesterday
They are just servo fans. The metal frame ones are expensive as hell.

Much better price. I do like the way those fans have heat shrink around the base of the wire and something that looks like reinforcing goop where it connects. I do that on my server fans wire with heat shrink and e6000. It really holds up well. It’s just where I solder them to Dean’s plugs that I always have issues with the thin wire breaking. You had mentioned to use JST connectors, so I looked at the ones I had gotten awhile back and for some reason they are all female ends. So I have to order the other sex now 🙄
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