Anyone running Spektrum Dx4c with 410 receiver diff brain

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Has anyone done this yet? Also can we get a sticky about setting up spektrum radio for diffbrain?
Running an aux function on a third channel disables AVC. It will likely never work. I run the 410 with the diff brain using metal one's instructions. I have the DX4S.
There is a video in german showing the DX4C working the Diff Brain but it does not show all of his settings. It shows a 3P switch setup similar to mine, but also a 2P switch set to control a 50% / 50% mix on the 3P switch. I can only assume that this mix is for changing the variable on the center position to get Green and Yellow modes.

I'm surprised that it cannot change travel on the Aux Channels. The DX4C manual would have me believe otherwise. It says it supports endpoint adjustments for all channels.

Have you tried an Aux1 3P switch setup? What does it do? Can you get Blue / Blinky / Red from the diff brain using 3P?

Always unplug the motor before you set up a mix. You don't want your throttle channel suddenly jumping to 50-100% while cycling through mix channels.

I had the DX4C. Sold it for the DX4S. I want the DX6R! If there was ever a way to run AVC with extra channels available, that's going to be the way to do it. Not really looking forward to reprogramming 17 models to the new operating system but... eh, whatever.
Yea i saw the german video. I will try the set up for this week. If successful ill detail the setup and record a vid. With any luck it will become a sticky.
You can adjust endpoints on the dx4c in the travel menu for steering and throttle so I would be surprised if you couldn't on an aux channel although I have admittedly never tried. Either way, you could theoretically accomplish the same thing mechanically by altering horn and/or linkage length if you really wanted.
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