Anyone tried the Hot Racing Chassis Braces?

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So digging around ebay looking for ways to spend my Christmas money, and saw these Chassis Braces. They looked lighter than other models I've seen. And are not quite so shiny. Anyway I ordered a set and will let you all know what I think and how they look when I get em.

Here is the front


And here is the rear

Yeah Hot Racing is going to have several addition aluminum part for us in the 1st part of 2017. I called and they said it would be a few months for the wheel/Hub assemblies. Not sure how I feel about too much aluminum because it just adds stress to a different part. The wheel assemblies will be awesome for the speed guys, but for bashing it seems like an expensive way to go through other parts.
The back metal brace still connects to the plastic wing mount,not very effective if your trying to stop flex.More bling than anything.Here's what i came up with for zero flex.
I've seen your pictures and I really liked that brace you made. If you sent me one I would use it for sure. But since the money as been spent, I'm going to try them out. I considered the wing mount flex, but having a little flex here and there is not a terrible thing, IMHO. And who doesn't like a little bling.

I got mine, and they sure do look well built. They are not heavy, and are going to add just enough bling to keep my street cred in line.
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