Arrma electronics, work with other brands?

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Arrma RC's
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As most of you know I'm having some electrical issues. So I'm wondering, are arrmas transmitter and receiver only compatible with arrma escs? Or does it not matter? Another thing, where do the servo and receiver wires go into the arrma receiver? Current setup is servo bottom plug receiver is in second plug up from bottom. Is this right?
Thanks in advance?
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The Arrma transmitter and receiver can be used with other ESC's.

Regarding the placement of the receiver connections it works as below for the stock ARX100.

ARX100 Connections from top to bottom:
BAT: For an external BEC
CH3: Unused
Throttle/ESC: Lead from ESC
Steering: Steering Servo

Signal wires go on the left, positive in the middle and negative on the right.

Here's an excerpt from the manual.

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Thank you, Walter!
Looks lil I had the servo and receiver plugged in correctly, thanks!
I hooked up a 120a hobbywing esc, and it worked even better than before! I have reverse full time now! And all the stuttering and clanking and glitching is completely gone! :D
the arrma ESC's are garbage, i went thru 3 of them thru warranty most lasted about a battery cycle, been using the hobby wing 35amp esc for 2 weeks now with awesome results
Thanks for explaining!

I have good experiences with both the BLX and MEGA esc.
Especially the mega brushed is good quality.

I am sorry to hear about the BLS esc.
I have not heard any problems with this drive train before.

Maybe somebody else has equal experiences?
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