Kraton arrma esc doesn't like wet snow or?

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So i was out, haven't driven for like at least 2 weeks. weather is above 0 and ground is alot of wet snow.
did some wheelies and drove just a short while when it felt kind of as if i was started to lose signal to when you talk on phone and it starts cutting the sound off here and there.
suddenly it stops and i see some smoke coming from right side of car and just rush over turn it off and check batteries and they are all fine. after that i only get red flashing esc and when turning it on you should hear engine make a noise and servo centering itself, engine makes normal noise and then nothing more happens just the red flashing led....
not sure if it was smoke or wet snow getting on the engine but the smoke was white (steam or? )
no funny smell or so. possible i burned the esc or more likely a water issue?
cannot rebind or factory reset or anything. just red flashing. tyvm :)
Usually smoked ESC is visually obvious and more dramatic. No steering either? Maybe receiver. Disconnect everything from ESC and receiver. start connecting one thing at a time and turn on/off each time.
White smoke could have been steam from the motor. I believe a red flashing ESC means it needs service? Not too sure.
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