Arrma Fazon review

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The guys over at BSRC got their hands on the new Arrma RC Fazon and have done a nice review on the Fazon. Overall the Fazon got great scores from BSRC with the end rating being a B ("Above Average") as BSRC loves the Nero features along with it's high speed.

The lowest rating received being a C for parts availability as most LHS just don't have a lot of Arrma parts on stock, or at least not yet.

If you have a few minutes check out the full Arrma Fazon review here.

I have owned my Fazon for a time now and all I can say is WOW!! Have a Revo to compare it to and as far as build out quality, durability, and versatility, I have not experienced anything which comes close (and that covers almost three decades of fun and various competitions). This is the frist RC I HAVE ACTUALLY HAD TO KEEP A SERIOUS NOTEBOOK ON BECAUSE OF ALL THE NEW TECHNOLGIES AND I/NTERACTIONS WITH EACH OTHER ON THIS MODEL. From Hobbywings Max 8 to 4s and 6s battery paks, be it hard surface competitions to off road bashing and competitions, switching tire designs and gearing combos and all the suspension adjustments(shocks and alignments), this model is a real handful, but the consistency is amazing...Arrma really did it's homework on this one!...and did I mention the radio and motor?! They both let me know when I've come across the right upgrade or one I need to delete from consideration. The initial expense is really worth it down the road.

Am currently researching a good belted tire to try, so if anyone has some good ideas please let me know. Until next time KEEP NOTES AND TEST--- KEEP NOTES AND TEST. THIS IS A GREAT SITE TO LEARN FROM!
Woodie and lonee,
Thanks for the heads-up on the tires and adapters info; I'll give both CONSIDERABLE consideration. After all, the pyramids weren't built from the top down---were they???
the pyramids was built from aliens! They could start building from the top!
Very sure! *rofl*

I was testing my adapters and new wheels on Sunday. Tires are ballooning nearly nothing on 6S. Just a little bit in the middle. But I have used front tires and rims, because the rear Wheels are much to heavy if you compare them with the original wheels.
Result of the test was amazing, but i guess that I blown up my diff locks. After two Lipo packs a unpleasant noise from the servos while switching the diffs.
I maintain the center diff already, there was a damaging on the lock pins. They seams too weak for their job. I grind a bit to get a smooth surface again and it seams work on a servo tester.
Now I have to check the rear diff and after that the diff brain....
This car have so much power that it destroys it by themselves without a crash! But it makes FUN!!
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