Arrma Forum down?

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I've been getting "database error" messages when trying to access the official Arrma forum yesterday and today.

Is anyone else getting the same behavior? I've tried multiple browsers and devices.

I try to keep an eye out over there to recruit new members for here. After Christmas I expected some new Arrma owners to start looking at the forums for help. Can anyone who just got a new Arrma confirm that the manuals and boxes still guide you to ?

I'm guessing that database error means it's broken and they either haven't noticed or just haven't fixed it yet. If was an intentional shutdown I would have expected something cleaner.

The other option is that they are revamping things and preparing for new stuff... it would be nice to see them come out with something new and innovative.
I got a blackfriday fury. It promotes goforit in the paperwork.
It's back up now... it doesn't look like anything was changed.
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