Vorteks Arrma Fury CVD's that work.


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FWIW, i found CVD's that definitely work on the Fury. They are from a Racers Edge Pro 2. I found out because i broke a dog bone on the Fury, and didn't have any spares, but, i do have a mostly complete Racers Edge Pro 2 (actually, it only needs a motor, but, i don't have one, and, since i already have a 2WD SCT, i figure, why bother putting it back together), so, i thought, why not see if parts from that will work. The axles work, as long as you also have the RE's hub carriers. I know both trucks are discontinued, so im not sure if the parts are available or not. I do know you need the CVD's and rear hub carriers from the RE, and the ball mounts from the Fury. The rear RE hubs do have a little play in them, because the pins in the RE are larger diameter, but, if you use the RE spacers, there doesn't seem to be any slop or play in them.

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