Arrma Fury Steering Issues

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Shout out to mrbelloso for helping us find this forum

We have had our Arrma Fury put up for about a year and when we recently got it out to run it up and down the street we experienced some steering issue. That's when i remembered thats why we put the car up in the first place. Anyway the issue is when we steer the front wheels to the right the motor seems to get in the turning position strong and quick. However, when we steer the front wheels to the left the motor seems to get in the turning position slow and weak. It also will not completely turn all the way to the left. Especially when we compare the right turn to the left turn....the right turn being a very sharp quick turn and the left being a very large wide long turn. In troubleshooting the weak turn to the left can't really tell if its the motor, gears, or if something is bent. Below is the link to show you the issue. Thanks for you help.

If you have any questions or advice. Please help!! Thanks!!
Looks to me like it could be an endpoint adjustment on the transmitter. If it's not that it could be how the steering linkage is setup on the servo or else the servo itself. I would check the endpoint on the transmitter first.
Like Kyzane said, it could be as simple as your endpoint getting adjusted by mistake. If that doesn't fix it, I'd pop the servo horn off and see if the servo will travel fully with no load. While you have the steering disconnected, it would be a good time to check for any binding.

1. As mentioned here already, wrong end-point
1b. wrong end-point wherewith the steering arm physically runs into the servo bay door/cover, or any other obstruction inside the servo bay
2. the centre servo gear (made out of plastic) lost some teeth.

I see it is a 1st generation Fury brushed. This one has a different servo version as the later (2013 and after) Fury MEGA's
If the servo got wet, it may be damaged. While the ESC and Rx box are waterproof, the steering servo isn't. Look at the Ultimate RC video review on the Fury and you'll see. ;) Maladjustment or non-centered servo arm could certainly be issues if it's been like this from the get-go. But if this problem manifested after some driving time my money is on you just need to replace the servo. If that's the case, I'd advise that you get a metal geared, truly waterproof unit. It's a bit of a pain to get to the servo. You essentially have to disassemble the whole front to do so. That's not a task you'll want to accomplish on a regular basis. ;)
My fury has ads-7 servo and started misbehaving to the point I lost lock. Turned out the middle gear as someone mentioned above chewed out.

How did you go getting this sorted out?
Indeed to remove the 2011 servo it is quite a hassle. Thank good that has been changed for the 2013 and later models.

My advice is to get the metal geared servo from Arrma, or go for a metal geared alternative.
Got metal gear set for my ADS-7.... Vendor in Australia wasn't kind enough to swap my week and a bit one over under warranty so I had to buy my own gear set.

Fingers crossed nothing else breaks.
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