Arrma Granite BLX suspension break

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Hello, the front left shock on my Granite BLX just started leaking oil. I haven't done any jumps and also didn't drive it for 3 days. Before I put it safely in the box I checked it and it was perfectly fine. Now I take it out and part of the box is soaked with oil. How could this happen and what can I do about it? And yes, I have maintained it very good and had just 1 crash so far which was 3 weeks ago, as I said before, it was perfectly fine before it went into the box.

Can you tell where it is leaking? The 1/10 scale Arrma shocks are known to have some issues...

Shock caps are common problems.
The o-rings around the shaft could be leaking.
There have been some reports of shock bodies with cracks.

Do some investigation and give us some additional information if you can. Post some pictures to show the leaks. Take the shocks apart and inspect everything.

You may also consider switching to some other shocks.
Have a look at the suspension forum and especially this thread:
It could've been the cap being just a bit untightened. Could this be the problem? If so, can I just clean it and refill it?

Could it be that little crack right there?


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That's a definite maybe.

The problem with the stock Arrma shock caps is that once they get deformed or stripped and pop off once they will likely do it again. Teflon tape on the threads might help. A small drop of superglue to hold the cap on, (but don't use so much you can't get it off again), might work as well.

Try the clean and refill and/or one of the above suggestions first. If that doesn't work you can move on, as others have, to replacement shocks.
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Any suggestions on replacement shocks that are durable and cheap? Does it matter what kind of oil I use?
It seems to be just the cap that came a bit loose, Ill use the tape to be sure. What type of shock oil should I use?
Ah thanks, Ill be ordering those, good price and you get more than just one bottle so I wont have buy new ones soon. Rc is a bit expensive when you don't have all the tools yet. But this will be worth it Im sure.
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