Arrma Granite GIVEAWAY!

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GIVEAWAY IS OVER... Congrats to @BigSplit on winning the Granite monster truck!


To celebrate the launch of the forum we are going to giveaway a FREE Arrma Granite monster truck!


The first 50 people to get 20 or more posts will be entered into the drawing. After the 50th person reaches 20 posts the giveaway will be closed. Then 1 person out of the 50 members will be randomly drawn and will win the brand new Arrma Granite MEGA Monster Truck!

  • No junk/spam posts, keep them productive and meaningful.
  • Each person is limited to ONE account - Anyone caught trying to use more than one account will forfeit any chance of winning.

That’s it, follow them and enjoy the forum! If you have any questions or comments please reply in this thread.

Members entered:

@Unusual RC
@Darren Wes
@Thomas P
@Dustin Mustangs
@roger nelson
@joe kidd
@Cobi RC
@Senton 66
@WoodiE - Can you make this thread appear on the main page above all the forums similar to the way the Fast Eddy Bearings contest worked? I think having it front and center might encourage more people to sign up as members, make more posts and invite their friends. As it is now, if a casual lurker comes to check out the forum and they don't look in "General Chaos" they won't see this giveaway.
Can you make this thread appear on the main page above all the forums similar to the way the Fast Eddy Bearings contest worked?
I certainly can but didn't want to be redundant as there is already a message about the giveaway in our "welcome box" that's shown to all guests...


It's at the top of every page for anyone that's a guest (non-member or not logged in).

If you're wanting to win the Arrma Granite quicker I can only encourage everyone to help spread the word, tell your friends, post on facebook, share our website where ever you can. :)
I guess being a logged in member I didn't see it. If it's there for guests I suppose that is the main point. But having it there for members too might help with referrals.

Thanks for the reply.

I'm liking what I've seen so far from these forums. Good things are ahead I'm sure!
I would like to park that granite next to this

kudos to the adminstrator for a great prize


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