Arrma hop ups on Tower Hobbies close outs...

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Just an FYI. If you click the "Special Sections" on the Tower Hobbies homepage, then go into Inventory Reduction Closeouts, and Car accessories, scroll through and there are numerous Arrma parts on there. I just snagged a pair of aluminum long chassis sides for $8 a piece and aluminum front chassis plate for $5. They have a bunch of stuff in there, but you gotta do a bit of scrolling through it.

Not to mention, I just snagged a Raider Mega for $112 on the scratch and dent page.
Yeah, that's going to be a birthday present in February. He just saw a Raider at the LHS, and fell in love with it. lol

With the coupon code I had, I got like $25 off 150 order, so I got a couple of upgrades for my Fury, a birthday present, and some odds and ends spare
FYI: Towerhobbies has a Granite BLS in the Scratch and Dent for $125 and you can use the $14 off a $99+ purchase coupon.
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