Arrma Kraton Steering Trim Issue

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Hey Guys!

I just put in a new servo, radio, motor, and ESC in my Kraton, but it is pulling to the left significantly. I trimmed it as much as I could with the transmitter, but it is still pulling pretty bad. Isn't there a way to manually fix this? Thanks!
Did you hook it up without the servo horn on,then turn it on so the servo centers it self? Then replace the horn at 90 degrees.Also make sure all your radio setting are factory before doing the above. Try this. Good arcticle on steering setup.
Thanks for the link i am new to the world of Rc and I was having a really hard time keeping straight no matter what i did. Would it be better to get a radio with a screen i could read the trimmings on or would it be better to just practice with the provided ttx300
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