Kraton Arrma Kraton stock body alternatives

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Anybody found some good replacements for the stock body on the Kraton? Been searching for a while and took my chance on the Pro-Line desert militia. Needs some cutting to fit the (broken) rear wing, but turned out quite nice. For sure more durable than the stock body. I know many use the Pro-Line bulldog body, but I prefer the more non-truggy style.

i love that hummer body! its like a truggy, but at the same time it looks like a huge monster truck! now i want one lol.
I'm thinking of making an old Axial AX10 body fit the Kraton. Here's some pics unmounted. To fit this body, I will have to cut out and modify the rear bumper to sit over the wing mount supports and the body posts.
Proline Raptor for the Yeti on my Talion. Not quite sure I like the fit, had to cut out quite a bit of the rear to fit over the shock tower. Might go for a more traditional truck body next.

IMAG0274.jpg IMAG0276.jpg
Hello guys i like your alternatives very much, but the best is in my opinion the ProLine Militia, looks absolutely amazing. Can somebody tell me the color the militia is painted? I have searched and found the tamiya ts 20, i think i will buy the militia for my Kraton.
I bought an brandnew Kraton as Roller, put the Electronics in fromy my Typhon and boom the Kratons ready :) Now i have to buy a wing which will be the original arrma Kraton in white and a Body to finish the model.