Kraton Arrma Kraton TRIPLE backflip

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Nice video. I wonder if anything broke and how well that body held up. It makes me want to get one of those bodies now. No wing and an added wheelie bar, good stuff
Thx guys for posting it up. Yes it is mine. I did app 15 crashes fir the search of a quad BF drop..the 3ipple was the most i ciuld do..( that will be done in a MXega jump( i continues to bash...

Break report long after endeing jumps..Lower shock ballcup...thats it.

The Kratons are TANKS
Awesome, I thought that might of been you. Is that a gravel mine that your videos are filmed at? How do you get access?? I would love to find a similar spot...
Hmm not sure if i have the corect word but Gravelpit.. here they sell sand in all dimensions..sand to huge rocks..they do make tarmac i normaly film my clips. This and the othere where i ran off a sand transport band..

I just mailed them before and asked kindly ( they have issiues with MX that sabotage )if i can "play" with my el rc car..and be carefull so there wont be any sand avalanges that i can get caught in ( seen a few here...pretty scarry) problem they said..same at the other spot :)...feels better to run here with a ok
Wow, that was rather impressive! That looks like a perfect place to play with the RC.
nice triple and yes the kraton stock is a tank just got mine up again can't wait to break it again!(a good thing).
Kool video. ... I don't have a fear of heights just a fear of falling. ..couldn't stand on that peak...but that's got to be one of the best places to run...
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