Arrma Kraton V2 Back on Massdrop! $429 & $419


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The Kraton came back around on massdrop:

If 2 people join the drop it's $429.99, but if 4 people purchase it the price drops to $419.99 +$5 shipping, this will last until 10/13/16 if I read it correctly.

I am a Tower hobbies plus member and currently the best code gets the price to $421 (+ the $5 membership), so this is as good of a deal as purchasing through tower with the member codes. Massdrop is a pretty neat website that contacts suppliers to buy in bulk to get better savings. After the drop ends the order is placed and sent to one of their shipping facilities, then they redistribute to he buyers. The only bad part about this particular sale is that you will get the green or red Kraton at random, but still a good deal!

Last week the Nero was featured at $599 and the Typhon has been featured in the past also