Arrma mojave no shock rebound


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Hi all
Does anyone know what my issue is here when you push the front down it stays down there is no suspension rebound




Personally on my Mojave I adjust my coils down to about half to increase the ride height and reduce shock travel . Also I run a 60 weight Losi shock oil . And my Mojave rebounds Nicly . I would adjust your coils and check your shock oil levels and go with some new heavier shock oil
Assuming the shock is assembled correctly, there should be some rebound even with the stock spring and fluid weights. I would check for binding / make sure the hinge pins move freely and that the pillar ball retaining screws aren’t screwed down so tight they are inhibiting movement.

I did adjust the preload collar down as well as change to a heavier shock oil weight in my Mojave as with the poster above but in stock configuration you it should not stay compressed - check for binding.
Check if the dogbone on the inside is stuck outside the drive cup. Been an issue on my Talion and Kraton. Limit the travel of the shock with 2 or 3 1mm nylon O-Rings if the stuck dogbone is the problem.

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Disconnect or remove your shocks to see if there's any binding from your suspension arms (either at the pillow balls and/or hinge pins areas) and while the shocks are removed, check to see if the shock shafts are bent or binding in some way..

Let us know what you find out.
I had a similar problem after I picked up my Mojave. It was my first 6s rig and slightly used for racing on a backyard track. I noticed some play up front and tightened everything up, not knowing at the time that the delrin screws did not to be tightened down on the balls. Reading the threads here helped me out with that bit of knowledge and it fixed my spring and steering issue. Later my son bent a lower hinge pin on his Kraton 6s and that side would not rebound.

It is easy to overtighten some components without realizing you actually need them tight but still allow movement in other areas. I still find myself tightening up my turnbuckles once in a while, which will also limit travel and steering.
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