ARRMA Nero Big Rock 6s BLX - Pics and vids

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Arrma RC's
  1. Kraton 6s
  2. Outcast 8s
  3. Typhon 6s
Love it love it

So the Kraton or Nero - which is your favorite at the moment @Thomas P?

WoodiE , well to be hounest..i cant tell. I got them both as you know...if i must under gun-threat take both..they are so different trucks. Either one will make you happy..ok on a track the Kraton will be faster..hmmmm...
By the way, you make some remarkable saves. Great control.

NOPE...he's has nothing to do with it...I suspect he put cats inside his rc...cats always land on their feet...he recognized this fact and forces then to drive his rc cars all the while piling up accolades on his supposed is a trick...when I asked him about this..he did not deny it... the truth is out...and I am off to Mars in a spaceship I built from plans I bought for $2 out of a magazine...came with a foil hat for safety....which is more safety than he provides for those poor cats...ha ha


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